Maintaining Your Brick Porch Steps

Brick porches can provide a welcoming and beautiful entrance to any house. Unfortunately, brick also needs routine upkeep and maintenance, just like any other materials. Over time, even well-kept bricks might require major repairs.

So, how can you maintain your brick porch steps as a homeowner? Can you fix a brick porch step that has been damaged by brunt items? Can you restore a fading brick? Today, we’re going to find out.

One of the ideal materials to utilize for back or front porch steps is brick. Unfortunately, it isn’t invincible. You’ll have to maintain your brick porch steps and tackle damage as soon as possible to guarantee the durability and vitality of the steps.

Here are a couple of things you should know when it comes to maintaining your brick porch step. If you need help, simply search “brick restoration near Houston” on Google.

Maintaining Your Brick Porch Steps

Luckily, if your brick porch steps have been installed properly, they are quite sturdy. Regular foot traffic and harsh weather conditions won’t cause any major damage to it. In addition to that, you can also lower the risk of unnecessary wear and tear if you follow these tips:

  • Repoint if Required

For those who don’t know, repointing is the process of replacing the exterior mortar joints. It is one of the ideal approaches to maintain your brick porch steps’ durability for the long-term. However, you might have to hire a professional masonry company for this one. This can help lower the risk of broken or cracked bricks.

  • Examine Your Footwear

You will be amazed. However, the type of shoes you and your loved ones wear can have a huge influence on your brick steps. For instance, stilettos and athletic cleats place a huge deal of pressure on particular points of the brick. It can result in blemishes and cracks. Thus, you should try to wear other forms of shoes when walking on bricks. This will help prevent excessive damage.

  • Regularly Wash Your Bricks

Brick porch steps can collect grime and mud easily. Though these are unlikely to cause any long-term damage, they’ll make your house look dirty. Thus, it is always ideal to get your pressure washer or hose and provide good cleaning to your brick porch steps. However, make sure that the pressure isn’t too high if you opt to clean the bricks using a pressure washer. Using high-pressure will cause the bricks to flake. It will become damaged after several cleanings.

Fixing Damaged Brick Porch Steps

There is always a possibility that a heavy tree branch or other foreign objects can cause damage, even if you maintain properly your brick porch steps. Thus, you will have to check the extent of the damage if your brick porch steps have been damaged. You need to do this before you take any action.

Though you might be able to do minor brick or mortar restoration by yourself, severe damages will have to be handled by an expert. Hiring a professional masonry company is your best option.